Numerology provides an opportunity for you to gain deeper personal insight of your inner workings, your personal journey and life purpose by accessing the numbers in your birth date and birth name. Each number forms an energetic vibration providing you with clarity and self awareness to form a greater sense of self acceptance and self numerologyempowerment.

A numerology reading is an invitation for you to gain insight into your personal psyche and reach your highest potential.

History of Numerology

Numerology is the energetic vibration of numbers that provides a deeper understanding into your psyche. Numerology was developed in the 6th Century by Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician and metaphysician who believed in the practice that all things have energy including numbers.

What are some of the benefits of an Numerology reading?

- Gain insight into your personal year cycle

- Understand what you are here to learn in this lifetime

- Connects you to your highest potential

- Insight into your gifts 

- Enables you to manage and overcome challenges faced

- Aids in understanding relationship with self and others

- Provides insight into your optimal career and passion

- Aids in supporting your stability and foundations

- Aids in self awareness and self acceptance 

- Understand the significance and meaning of numbers 

What to expect from a Numerology Reading

Readings will be a two-way transfer of information, where you have the opportunity to actively participate in what is being shared and delve even deeper into your psyche. Readings can be face to face, written, via skype or telephone.

All Numerology consultations require, birth name / business name and date of birth date /  business registration date prior to appointment.

A personal numerology reading will focus on your life purpose, your inner workings, challenges, gifts, opportunities, vocation, relationships, passion and security. Numerology also provides insight into your current life cycle and what is being developed in the current cycle. Offering you the opportunity to gain insight into what may be aiding or abiding you from living the life you want now and tapping into your unlimited potential.

A relationship numerology reading will focus on two individual charts and the relationship formed when this union is created. Using the same principles as a personal reading this will reveal the joint purpose of the union, challenges, internal workings, passion, harmony and security.

A business numerology reading will focus on the date the business is formed and the name of the business. Using the same principles as a personal reading, this will reveal the strengths and challenges for the business, the purpose, the type of clients that it will attract, the heart of the business, and what the business requires to maintain security and will also highlight any areas that require attention or remedies.

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