Astrology is the practice and understanding of the relationship between life on earth and the universal planetary motion of the Zodiac Constellations. It is the energetic link between the physical and spiritual worlds and has been an ancient practice used througAstrologyhout time to determine the effect and cycles between heaven and earth, from the tides of the sea being in direct correlation to the cycle of the moon.

Your personalised Astrology Reading will be a two-way transfer of information, where you have the opportunity to actively participate in what is being shared and delve even deeper into your holistic self and psyche. Consultations can be face to face, via telephone, skype, or via electronic reports.

 All Astrology readings require, your birth name, date of birth date, location of birth and time of birth prior to appointment.

What are some of the benefits of an Astrology reading?

 – Brings self awareness of your psyche and potential

- Dissolves limiting beliefs

- Unlocks the pathway to self realisation and self acceptance

- Provides insight into how the universal planetory energies effect you

- Provides insight into your relationship with self and others

- Connects you with your hero’s journey

- Aids in self acceptance

What to expect from a Astrology Reading?

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

Is based on your first breath of life and the planetary motions at this time. At the time and location of your birth, a universal snapshot was taken of the heavenly sky. This snapshot forms the foundation of your blue print in this lifetime and is known as your natal or birth chart and provides you with the evolutionary journey of your life. The birth chart holds the lessons and teachings of your karmic patterns, values, beliefs, communication style, responsibility, and gifts in this lifetime. It highlights the development of your personality, your sanity, your soul, your happiness and the mask you wear. Providing you an opportunity to develop self awareness and self empowerment to further transform and evolve.

When deciding to participate in an Astrology Consultation, it is strongly recommended to start with a 1.5 hour birth chart reading to form a clear foundation of your psyche before progressing to alternate readings types.

Astrology Solar Return Reading 

Is based on the twelve month period between one birthdate to the next to gain specific insight and understanding into the upcoming year.

Astrology Dynamic Reading 

Is based on the current planetary motions and the relationship each form with your birth chart. This is ideal at understanding the current energetic forces at play, and what is being triggered or asked of you right now to evolve to highest potential.

Astrology Relationship Reading 

​Is also known as a “Composite Chart or Joint Chart”, and is the synnergy of two individual birth charts and the relationship which is formed from this union. Using the same principles as a birth chart reading this reveals what each individual offers the relationship, and provides insight and understanding to further support and nurture the union.

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