Aliki Nektaria

Aliki Nektaria is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach and an Energy worker.  She has natural born gifted abilities, a few being clairvoyant and Highly EmpaAlikithic.  She has been working as a therapist for over 4 years and has assisted people from various professional backgrounds, and ages ranging from 20 to 60.

Aliki has a deep understanding of the Mind, Body and Spirit connection and has the ability to be able to connect with an individual and discern accurately where the work needs to be done.

When working with an individual, AIiki looks at the whole of their being, such as what is happening in the parts of the body,  along with what they are feeling and thinking.

She has worked with individuals with major life changes, such as feeling as though you are at a major crossroads or discovering your higher purpose.  Other areas are sexuality issues or healthy sexual expression,   emotional eating, weight management, pain management, inner child work, relationship recovery or growth and various health issues and concerns. At times, some are drawn to a session,  as they just feel something needs to change within themselves.

Aliki is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. (AHA)  For more information on her services or to book an appointment, please visit or call 0497784819.