Aliki Nektaria

Aliki Nektaria has worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach and an Energy worker for over 6 years.  She is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

AlikiAliki has a passion to get to the heart of the matter with what a person is dealing with.  She creates an empathetic space that is safe, supportive and encourages a collaborative approach with a client to achieve the changes they require.  She has assisted individuals with various health ailments, emotional issues and behaviours.

Being highly empathic and Clairvoyant, AIiki is  able to connect with an individual and discern accurately where the work needs to be done and has  assisted people from various professional backgrounds, and ages ranging from 20 to 60.  She works as an Intuitive coach  providing ongoing sessions and support to enhance performance, focus and drive in working towards a personal goal or life achievement.

Hypnotherapy sessions have had individuals amazed at being able to access their own internal wisdom, for inner resolve and creating profound changes within themselves.

As a Medical Energy worker, Aliki, understands the effects of the Etheric Body on health and how to apply a unique modality of Meridian Energetics to release energy blocks in the body and aid and restore well-being.

To enhance the experience of your session, and increase relaxation, Aliki uses a Crystal Singing Bowl that has a calming and soothing effect.

Some of the areas Aliki specialises in are:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Phobias
  • Anxiety Management
  • Healthy sleeping
  • Memory and performance for study and exams
  • Anger Release
  • Weight-loss and emotional eating
  • Addictions
  • Pain Management
  • Sexuality
  • Inner child work
  • Relationship grief or breakdown and moving on or repairing
  • Soul Connections
  • Near death experiences
  • Life purpose discovery
  • Heart centre energy readings and clairvoyant guidance
  • Grief – Miscarriage, death of loved one, major life changing events,
  • Body issues, health issues or Illness.
  • Feeling Stuck in life and not sure why

For more information on Aliki’s services, or to book an appointment, please visit call 0418 890 764.